The FleytMuzik project is about returning the flute to its rightful place in the world of klezmer research and the concert stage. The concert features works gathered from research of Moishe Beregovsky, musicologist in the 1930's, German Goldenshteyn, primary source clarinetist from Moldova and Kostokovsky folio form 1916, plus original compositions. The concert is performed on historic instruments of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the same as those that were played by the klezmer musician; all flutes original to facilitate full understanding and appreciation for the klezmer and the music.
The klezmer's life is a primary way to follow Jewish shtetl/village life in eastern Europe. The workshop/talk/concert includes information about:

* the sound of the early klezmer band, before the existence of the clarinet, for example, as a louder instrument used later
* the performance practice of the earlier type kapelye (klezmer ensemble)
* treatment of the poor and rich, who belonged to a regular working band, who was itinerant
* union practices which allowed or disallowed musicians to perform in or outside their "assigned" areas
* travels of the klezmer affecting the learning of new tunes and how they are performed according to region learned
* how and why marriages were arranged and then scheduled according to the more respected klezmer's schedule
* who can afford which kapelye (band), how many musicians, who would play, and how long the engagement
* codes of ethics practiced by the musicians, the families, the village
* expectations of the preparation for the wedding involving the klezmer's presence
* wedding practices such as the different dances and meanings behind the dance (Broyges Tanz: anger and forgiveness; Mazel Tov waltz, Gut Morgn and Dobridens), solo performances to ward off the dybuk,
* Formation of women's (froyen) ensembles - even by males; rare
* Yizkor book (family memory books) descriptions of the music and practices
* research practices of Beregovsky: very detailed work, including input of occupations, family, instruments performed, region

Typical or previous departmental participation:
Jewish Studies / President of University Office / Conservatory / Period instruments / Hillel /History /Anthropology / Sociology / Dance / Outside grant-Jewish foundation


The 21st Century Flutist: Strength and Whimsy

     Go for it: TAKE THAT RISK!
     With total control of tone and blowing and knowledge, you are armed, ready to GO!
     Total control of tone - from sweet to powerful - IS essential. Many unique techniques that have helped even many professionals go further!
2) Fantasy, Fantasie, Fantasia! Telemann to Klezmer and in between.
    When is it fantasy and whose fantasy is it?
    Making it yours without abusing composers' boundaries

3) Connections: Folk to Baroque and back
     Connections are made between klezmer, Irish and Baroque and make wonderful sense - and music!
     Includes easy entrance to improvisation

The 21st Century Flutist: Strength and Whimsy

Tone that reflects all possibilities of the music - and make it YOURS:
__Form the (better) embouchure
__I want THAT tone
__From Lush to Hush.....and in tune

The Fantasy, make it unique to you - with styles of period and country in mind
Repertoire selected would include (but not be limited to) Faure Fantaisie, Doppler Hungarian Pastorale Fantasy , Telemann Fantasias (on traverso - or modern flute)
KLEZMER:  A "new/old" tradition brought back to current times
Learn the old style, the nuances, the ornaments
Intro to the improvisatory doyna
To end the day: Everyone DANCES to the klezmer music!
Petting Zoo: traverso and 19th C. flutes

A recent review from the National Flute Convention:

"Adrianne Greenbaum, Principal Flute of the New Haven Symphony, and Professor of Flute at Mount Holyoke College, presented a brilliant Klezmer flute recital on Sun. With her virtuostic technique, engaging stage presence and undeniable musicality, she captivated everyone in the enormous ballroom, many of whom were hearing klezmer flute for the 1st time. She concluded her program leading audience members in a klezmer line dance around the stage area. Wonderful program!"

A recent testimony after a master class:

Since the middle of August, I have been practicing the new and improved flute embouchure you kindly showed me at Boxwood. On average, I have been practicing 90 minutes a day, seven days a week.At Boxwood, as you will recall, you spent about five minutes with me during which you quickly diagnosed the problems with my “old” embouchure and then showed me precisely how to develop a “new” embouchure that would more than eliminate those problems. I am delighted to report back that those five minutes have completely transformed my relationship to the wooden flute, and also the relationship between the wooden flute and the various other wind instruments that I play.The wooden flute (that is, my recently acquired Windward flute) is now unquestionably Number 1. As I continue to practice an average of 90 minutes a day, I am finding that the purity of my tone, the accuracy of my intonation, and my dynamic control (from soft to loud) all continue to steadily improve. In those priceless five minutes at Boxwood, you gave me the most extraordinarily “compact” gift I have ever received from any teacher. Your insightful attention to my embouchure problems was, without question, the outstanding highlight of my entire week at the Festival. And I suspect that that moment will remain forever a highlight in my continuing pursuit of flute-ful endeavors. It’s hard to imagine more valuable and more transformative “instruction-per-minute” than what you gave me.You’re a genius, a star, and a giver of great gifts, and I am exceptionally grateful to have met you and to have been touched so magnificently by your precise and effective teaching. The next time our paths cross, I will look forward to demonstrating to you how your instruction has radically changed my playing for the better. With ongoing gratitude, admiration, and affection -Sandy


Synagogues and Festivals:

FleytMuzik has become that charismatic and unique ensemble for which audiences have long searched. Their concerts represent the pinnacle of performances that extol the treasures of eastern European Jewery and their rich history, performed on period instruments, with sensibilities of both soul and entertainment. "Incredible musicianship" and "National Treasure" are phrases that have deeper meaning when klezmer music is performed with such exemplary knowledge, aplomb, and integrity; FleytMuzik IS that ensemble that brings all of these elements to the concert stage.

Your committee might wish to not only host a concert but also consider having a lecture or pre-concert presentation as well, including many of the topics described above. Also, you might want to consider a dance party after the concert to better interact with the music. I have led many dance workshops and am always happy to teach a little before the concert or after. Timing would be discussed as the musicians would need to be ready to continue to perform after a concert. Sometimes a shorter concert is more desirable in order to have a dance session afterwards.

Budget and planning can be a lot of work - and we know it. We will work with you, your offices, and your colleagues to achieve the right overall program, the best solution, the best program, for you as well as for us, be it as a duo or the full quartet. Networking, getting sponsors, bringing our information to your committee, my sending our materials including a CD, will get you there. In the end, you - the client - and FleytMuzik will sigh with a sense of great success that the entire process of planning beginning to end was worth all the hard work. Contact us to begin planning your concert!


I have been an educator for many years, having taught special classes for all grades, from elementary school through high school. Introducing klezmer to children and young adults is important as it gives the real picture of life for the Jews in eastern Europe in the 19th century and shows how the music reflects this life. The learning of dances is a major component of our program as well as sharing our instruments and how we get the klezmer sound. Members of FleytMuzik are avid educators; we enjoy sharing our talents and our stories with all age groups. Contact Adrianne for an assembly or workshop - or both!


Have the music of your grandparents, of your own family's roots, at your wedding; melodies that will last a lifetime. Your bedekn or pre-ceremony gathering and your khupe will be truly special with our period instruments and unique music, adding grace and beauty to your khasene.