Adrianne Greenbaum, Klezmer flutist

Adrianne performs on vintage wood instruments, returning the flute to its rightful place in the traditional small klezmer ensemble.

Prior to the existence of the larger klezmer ensemble or kapelye that included brass and clarinets, the flute - a popular instrument of all varieties throughout world history - was often part of the smaller klezmer band; as one of the quieter instruments allowed in religious settings, it was an obvious partner with the violin and cimbalom. Early photos of larger bands show one or more flutes. These flutes were generally of the multi-keyed variety, a few Boehm-system, but mostly simple-system and/or what we now sometimes refer to as transitional.

Flutes played an important role taking the high melodic lines and fills in the early American bands of Art Shryer, Harry Kandel, and Abe Schwartz, to name but a few. Shloymke Kosch and Israel Chazin, employing exemplary tones and technical facility, are among the unfortunately all-too-few recorded flute soloists.