Define: The “mature” flute sound

Excellent Flute Tone: What IS that and why are people, from lay audiences to professionals, fairly obsessed with the sound that is the either the capability of the player or the flute and certainly the combination of the two? Can we discuss this? I’ve been around for many a year and as a flutist and, happily, produce what most consider an extraordinary sound. My flute helps me for sure! But taking an important step back, let’s say it this way: Our tone helps us to communicate the music, the music itself. I’m bringing this conversation forward at this time because I have an advanced student who is exploring her sound, creating colors as well as a basic tone. She is younger than I was when I was developing My Best Tone, which really was guided by my teachers explaining how to work the embouchure. I became a very malleable created of different tones. I became enraptured with a darker, mature sound rather than a bright, edgy sound. Ah, but what IS the mature sound, how much of the bottom part of the sound, the full circle of harmonics, the upper part, makes it “mature”. I know what it means for me. I know what I’m listening to with my ears and eyes with my students and professionals. Label it, tho? Mm, not so easy. Wanna say your piece? Would love to hear! Comment in my blog!