Synagogues, Festivals, Flute Conventions

FLEYTMUZIK has become that charismatic and unique ensemble for which audiences have long searched. Their concerts represent the pinnacle of performances that extol the treasures of eastern European Jewery and their rich history, performed on period instruments, with sensibilities of both soul and entertainment. "Incredible musicianship" and "National Treasure" are phrases that have deeper meaning when klezmer music is performed with such exemplary knowledge, aplomb, and integrity; FleytMuzik IS that ensemble that brings all of these elements to the concert stage. 

Your committee might wish to not only host a concert but also consider having a lecture or pre-concert presentation as well, including many of the topics described above. Also, you might want to consider a dance party after the concert to better interact with the music. I have led many dance workshops and am always happy to teach a little before the concert or after. Timing would be discussed as the musicians would need to be ready to continue to perform after a concert. Sometimes a shorter concert is more desirable in order to have a dance session afterwards. 

Budget and planning can be a lot of work - and we know it. We will work with you, your offices, and your colleagues to achieve the right overall program, the best solution, the best program, for you as well as for us, be it as a duo or the full quartet. Networking, getting sponsors, bringing our information to your committee, my sending our materials including a CD, will get you there. In the end, you - the client - and FleytMuzik will sigh with a sense of great success that the entire process of planning beginning to end was worth all the hard work. Contact us to begin planning your concert!

School Programs

Consider a program of an entertaining program with a dance component, both learning and as part of the concert itself. We will discuss the format and how to organize participation as we are very adept and experienced performers and educators. We gear our programs towards the grade level, from elementary school through high school. Introducing klezmer to children and young adults is important as it gives the real picture of life for the Jews in eastern Europe in the 19th century and shows how the music reflects this life. Often included is a portrayal of an old-time arranged marriage and the wedding itself.  The dances are easy to learn because they engage the students on a very simple community level, with clapping and circle-walking. We also introduce our instruments and how we get the klezmer sound. Contact Adrianne for an Assembly or workshop - or both!

Colleges and Universities

The FleytMuzik Project is about returning the flute to its rightful place in the world of klezmer research and the concert stage. The concert features works gathered from research of musicologist, Moishe Beregovski, clarinetist from Moldova, German Goldenshteyn, the Kostokovsky folio from 1916, original manuscripts in the Library of Congress, researched works currently coming to light, plus original compositions. The concert is narrated, highly engaging, and performed on historic instruments of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the same as those that were played by the klezmer musician, with all flutes original to facilitate full understanding and appreciation for the seemingly unknown instrument in klezmer and the music itself.  The audience leaves with a better understanding of shtetl life as well as - we make space! - enjoy Adrianne leading traditional dancing while playing her flute.

Typical or previous departmental participation:  Jewish Studies / President of University Office / Conservatory / Period instruments / Hillel /History /Anthropology / Sociology / Dance / Outside grant-Jewish foundation