Di Naye Froyen Kapele

Women's  klezmer ensemble comprised of Klezmer women stars of North America.  Adrianne Greenbaum, flutes; Cookie Segelstein, violin; Lauren Brode, accordion; Susan Watts, trumpet; Marilyn Lerner, piano.

Performed November 7, 2020, the ensemble looks forward to performing as an ensemble LIVE! Dance along in complete enjoyment of these Women of Klezmer!


Adrianne Adrienne Greenbaum Lauren Brode Cookie Segelstein Susan Watts Marilyn Lerner


A traditional flute-led ensemble: Adrianne Greenbaum, flutes/piccolo; Jake Shulman-Ment, violin; Pete Rushefsky, cimbalom; Brian Glassman, bass; Michael Alpert, badkhen and sekund

Adrianne Adrienne Greenbaum flute piccolo Jake Shulman-Ment Michael Alpert Brian Glassman bass violin Pete Rushefsky cimbalom tsimbl

Klezical Tradition

Celebrations and concerts with choice(s) of clarinet, flute violin, trumpet, accordion/keyboard,  bass, percussion


House Concerts

Classical, Klezmer, Solo, duo, trio 

Uhrovska Baroque

Wall Street Chamber Players



Baroque Adrianne Greenbaum Adrienne Wall Street Chamber Players Marvin Warshaw viola Artemis Theodos Simmerson violin

Adrianne Greenbaum, Baroque Flute

Wall Street Chamber Players